Friday, May 23, 2008

Know Your Enemies: Who is the Alliance Defense Fund?

A leading opponent to gay marriage - actually, any legal rights or protections for gays in general -is the Alliance Defense Fund. It is also one of the the leading proponents for the passage of a constitutional amendment in California to over rule last week's decision of the California Supreme Court allowing gay marriage. Since I believe it is always important to know precisely who your enemies are, it is useful to highlight just who/what the Alliance Defense Fund is. To put it mildly, it and its affilaites/allies constitute a pantheon of extreme anti-gay Christianist organizations. Be assured that they will be pouring money into California to push for passage of the amendment and will be disseminating all kinds of wild, deliberately untrue information. The LGBT community should not underestimate how deceitful and vile these groups can be. Here is a listing of these organizations from the ADF web site:
Policy Organizations (Note: many are affiliates of daddy Dobson's exceedingly anti-gay Focus on the Family)
Alliance for Marriage
American Family Association
Attorneys Resource Council of the Louisiana Family Forum
California Family Council
Center for Arizona Policy
Center for Decency
Christian Civic League of Maine
Citizens for Community Values
Concerned Women for America
Family First
The Family Foundation
Family Research Council
Family Research Institute of Wisconsin
Freemarket Foundation
Georgia Family Council
Hawaii Family Forum
Heritage Foundation
Illinois Family Institute
Indiana Covenant Legal Center of the Indiana Family Institute
Iowa Family Policy Center
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Massachusetts Family Institute
Michigan Family Forum
Minnesota Family Council
Mississippi Family Council
Morality in Media
New Jersey Family Policy Council
New York Family Policy Council
North Carolina Family Policy Council
Ohio Round Table
Pennsylvania Family Institute
Rocky Mountain Family Policy Council
Ministries (using that term loosely, of course):

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