Sunday, December 09, 2007

Toyota Threatens Legal Action Over Gay Porn Star Named 'Lexus'

In a less serious - I guess unless you are Toyota - story, Toyota Motors is threatening to sue a European gay porn distributor since one of its stars - pictured at left - goes by the name "Lexus." Toyota is NOT amused. The irony, of course, is that but for Toyota's threatened lawsuit most people would never have heard of the gay porn Lexus. Here are highlights from RawStory's coverage (

What does Toyota have to do with gay porn? A lot, apparently. The U.S. branch of the Japanese automaker recently sent a communiqué to Daniel Grangier, president and CEO of Switzerland-based EBOYS Studios, regarding one of his stars, who goes by the screen name 'Lexus'. (Lexus has appeared in such fine films as CumEater and SpunkLand.)

According to a release sent to, the automaker claimed in its letter to Grangier that the name Lexus is a trademark of Toyota Motors Sales USA., Inc., and by using Lexus in connection with adult films, Eboys Studio is in violation of § 43 (c) of the Federal Trademark Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1125(c) and tarnishes Toyota’s business reputation.

Toyota is demanding that Eboys Studio (1) immediately and permanently cease all use of the name Lexus in connection with adult films (2) immediately de-list the 2 DVDs from the company’s official website and its affiliates (3) immediately remove all DVD packaging displaying the name of Lexus (4) Eboys Studio should ensure these films are no longer advertised and sold by Eboys Studio’s Customers. Grangier, who says his SpunkLand star selected his stage name in reference to the Greek god Lexus and not the Toyota-produced luxury vehicle.

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Java said...

So is Toyota going to sue the Greek god Lexus? Or should it be the god suing Toyota? I think the god came first (pun unintentional but pretty good, nevertheless).