Sunday, December 09, 2007

Huckabee Stands By AIDS Statement

I posted yesterday about Mike Huckabee's past stand on AIDS and his desire to quarantine AIDS patients. Today, as reported by (, Huckabee affirmed his past views. Who cares that medical science has made advances and confirms that the HIV infection is not passed by casual contact. Certainly not Huckabee, a brain dead, non-thinking Chritianist described by one blogger as "Christian extremist's wet dream." God help this country were he to be elected Presidnet. I can only hope Huckabee does not advance far in the GOP presidential race. Much of the world must be laughing that such an extreme nut case is even in the running for the presidential nomination. Here are some story highlights:
(Washington) GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said Sunday he won't run from his statement 15 years ago that AIDS patients should have been isolated. Huckabee acknowledged the prevailing scientific view then, and since, that the virus that causes AIDS is not spread through casual contact, but said that was not certain. He cited revelations in 1991 that a dentist had infected a patient in an extraordinary case that highlighted the risk of infection through contact with blood or bodily fluids.

"I still believe this today," he said in a broadcast interview, that "we were acting more out of political correctness" in responding to the AIDS crisis. "I don't run from it, I don't recant it," he said of his position in 1992. Yet he said he would state his view differently in retrospect. In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," the former Arkansas governor denied those words were a call to quarantine the AIDS population, although he did not explain how else isolation would be achieved. "I didn't say we should quarantine," he said. The idea was not to "lock people up." Huckabee stated his 1992 positions in an AP questionnaire in which he also called homosexuality "an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle."
Meanwhile, we have multiple times married Rudy Giuliani trying to now take the Roman Catholic Church position on gays (how does he explain away the Church's ban on divorce?):
Giuliani, who appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press," said he did not believe homosexuality was aberrant. What is sinful are "the acts, not the orientation."

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