Friday, December 14, 2007

More Friday Male Beauty


Java said...

gasp! The page loaded and WOW look at THAT! The chisled chest, the hips, the whole thing! One of my favorite so far. Or maybe I'm just in that kind of mood tonight.:)

Anonymous said...

Nice Mike! I told you you should have been the underwear model at the last Third Thursday!!

Thanks for the posting, but the site you have linked is my "auxiliary" site. My REAL one is
It is new and improved. Check it out. I have added some diversity links and have a place for a blog-- but I'ma scared! You are my inspiration, though, and I will get that up & running soon.

Since you are the networking expert, what do you think about My Space? Trever & Tim from Pride suggested on for HRBOR- said EVERYONE is on it. I thought it was for kids, no? I have a profile on, which is the LGBT version, but I don't participate like I should and so don't get alot of activity.