Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Feeling Much Better

As I suspect readers have surmised from the two earlier posts, I am feeling much, much better today. I basically went home, dosed myself up and went to sleep. When I can go to sleep at 2:00 PM and sleep for four and a half hours without waking up, you know I am doing poorly. The added sleep and the drugs seem to have done the trick. Of course, now I have added catch up work to do for having been out yesterday afternoon.
Many of you sent me comments and e-mails wishing me a quick recovery. Thank you one and all for your thoughtfulness.


Anonymous said...

Over the past several months, I have corresponded with you via e-mail and left comments for you. However, I haven't sent any recently. I have been busy and out of the loop. It was sad to read about your son. I can only imagine the anguish you experienced, but as was pointed out, there was at least some reconciliation for the two of you. This was joyful news, I am sure. I had wanted to send a note to encourage you to get better as well, but that "busy" thing butted in. It appears you have many people who support you and encourage you, so I'm sure you haven't missed my notes or the jokes. You are a good man and good things do happen to good people. May the trend for warmth in the relationships continue to thaw all the excess junk of the broken relationship. Peace.

Someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

Java said...

I'm glad you are back and feeling chipper.