Thursday, November 29, 2007

Uruguay First Latin American Country To Legalize Civil Unions

The USA continues to fall behind in terms of progressive developments that bestow full citizenship rights on LBGT citizens. Now Uruguay has moved ahead of the USA and will be affording civil union rights to gay citizens as reported by ( So much for the USA being the land of the free and a beacon of liberty and freedom. I really wonder at times why I just do not leave this country for somewhere that treats gays better except for the fact that by nature I prefer to stand and fight for what is right. Here are some story highlights:
(Montevideo) The lower house in Uruguay's Congress passed legislation Thursday allowing same and opposite-sex couples to form civil unions. A similar bill has already passed the Senate. The two measures need to be harmonized into a single bill and receive a final vote - something considered only a formality. The measure is expected to become law next month.

Under the legislation couples would have be together for at least five years and sign a registry. They would then receive pension, inheritance and parenting rights. In neighboring Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul state which lies along the border, passed civil union legislation in 2004, two years after Buenos Aires passed a similar law. Civil unions also are legal in Mexico City and Coahuila state. But this would make Uruguay the first country in Latin America to have a national civil union law.

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