Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Witness Confirms Romney's No-Muslims Comment

How do we say HYPOCRITE? Romney doesn't want anyone to hold his Morman religion against him, yet he does not do the same for Muslims. He's as bad as the typical Christianist who wants carte blanche freedom of religion for them self, but then expects everyone else to have to live by the Christianist's religious views. Here are some quotes from TPMElection Central (

I just got off the phone with another Nevada Republican who confirmed that Mansoor Ijaz's account of Mitt Romney saying he'd nix Muslims in his cabinet is accurate. This is the first person I've spoken to who directly confirmed Ijaz's account of that particular event. The other two Nevada Republicans I spoke with yesterday confirmed that Romney had made very similar remarks at a different, earlier event. "I can tell you that what was reported by Mansoor is accurate," this person said to me. The man, a real estate broker and volunteer in local Republican politics, declined to allow his name to be used. Romney's representation of what happened is at odds with mounting evidence that Ijaz's account is the accurate one.

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