Thursday, November 29, 2007

American Family Association still Selling Video Promoting HIV+ "ex-gay" Michael Johnston Who Since was Accused of Having Gay Unsafe-Sex Orgies

America Blog ( is reporting on this sick situation where the American Family Association, one of the largest, and most extreme, (and in my view, dishonest) religious right groups is selling a video promoting the notion that you can "cure" gays. The guy on the cover of the video? Michael Johnston, an HIV+ man who claimed he was "cured" of being gay, but then was accused by numerous witnesses of having unsafe sex with other men at gay orgies. I was recently interviewed by Wayne Besen on this very topic for a documentary piece he is doing concerning the Religious Right's dishonesty. The following is the comment I posted on America Blog concerning the story:
I am the attorney who brought the Michael Johnston matter to Wayne Besen's attention and I was quoted in the August, 2003, Southern Voice article by Laura Douglas that broke the story about Johnston. I believe my client was fully credible about his accusations against Johnston and I also spoke with another of Johnston's victims. How the American Family Association can be peddling Johnston's false materials is unbelievable. It confirms that AFA has no integrity whatsoever. FYI, I still have a video that includes Mr. Johnston (and he doesn't act very "cured" in it) that I am safe-keeping for my client. AFA really needs to cease and desist selling these materials immediately.

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