Saturday, December 01, 2007

Australian Election; McKew claims Bennelong and Defeats Howard

If this story ( proves true, I am sure that my blogger friend Magic BellyButton will be dancing a jig and tossing back a few drinks. Yes, it was great to see John Howard lose as prime Minister of Australia, but the loss of his own seat in Parliament has to be a total abrogation of his misrule. I wish Maxine McKew lots of luck going forward. Would that the Chimperator could be required to endure a similar rejection. Here are a s few highlights:

LABOR'S new superstar Maxine McKew declared herself the victor in the seat of Bennelong yesterday, but vanquished Prime Minister John Howard kept his silence. Mr Howard emerged at 7am from Kirribilli House in drizzling rain, saying he had "no political comment at all" before heading off on his customary walk. Two hours later the rain stopped and Ms McKew arrived at Gladesville Public School Christmas Fair, cheered by dozens of children. As the new MP joined the Christmas parade - in which she was driven atop a sports car - she was hugged by Mrs Santa Claus - alias Maria Venuti.

In claiming victory in Bennelong, Ms McKew said: "One week after the polls opened, I can now say that in Bennelong we are 2100 votes ahead and 51.2 per cent of the two-party vote, so I can formally say that Bennelong is now a Labor seat for the first time." She said Mr Howard had not contacted her to concede defeat. Ms McKew said the swing had been across the electorate and that voters had taken a cynical view of his sudden high level of visibility in the months before the election.

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