Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two Men Obtain Marriage License in Newport News, Participate in Marriage Ceremony in Norfolk

The Virginian Pilot is reporting that two men were married by a Norfolk marriage commissioner based on a marriage license secured in neighboring Newport News. No doubt Virginia Attorney General Robert "Taliban Bob" McDonnell and Pat Robertson will be most displeased. I suspect that a way will be found to charge the men with something to make an example of them. Here are story highlights:
Two men who obtained a marriage license in Newport News participated in a marriage ceremony before a commissioner in Norfolk, the clerk of the Newport News court said Thursday. One of the men appeared to be a woman, and gave his name as the bride when they filled out the application in March, said Court Clerk Rex Davis. Deputies grew suspicious of the man’s gender when he returned to the courthouse on May 12 to change his name, Davis said.
Davis said the marriage is not valid in Virginia, which bans same-sex marriage by state law and the state’s constitution. Davis said the case was referred to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office and the police to determine whether the men had broken a law by providing false information on the marriage certificate.
Like Gambain president, Jammeh, McDonnell and those like him in Virginia see the state as theirs and to hell with the rights and beliefs of other residents.


Anonymous said...

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Why do have censure rights on open blogger site? What if "eblogger" did that to you? You'd be the screamin'

Michael in Norfolk said...

Anonymous -

Others have asked the same queston. If you can find me a site/blog that has mature men, I'll look at it. The sad reality is that other than some actors, there seem to be no places to find nice photos of mature men. All the modeling agencies - where I get many of the photos - have young models.

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