Sunday, February 28, 2021

Living Our Own Version of HGTV

A number of readers visit this blog daily and check on me if I fail to post daily.  Yesterday was one of those days where I never turned on the computer - a true rarity - as the husband and I continued to work on the 102 year old home we purchased last year. We are adding a deck, gutted the family room in a portion of a 1960 addition to rid it of ugly paneling and a hideous drop ceiling, and this coming week launch into replacing all of the kitchen cabinets and adding a dry bar in a small hallway, Once these projects are done we will focus on another room added circa 1960 and then reconfiguring the remainder of the 1960 addition in the back of the house before adding a side porch.  Yesterday involved painting in the family room where we are replicating the 1919 trim work around the base boards and new doors and windows. A c0iple of photos are above and below.

Today will involve more painting and then putting all of the furniture back in the family room so we have space to store everything moved out of the kitchen.


Hot guys said...

Oh wow, well it sounds to me like you two should totally get your own reality TV show 😉

NW MAN said...

We love a project. We reworked every room in a six bedroom 1915 craftsman, replaced galvanized plumping with pex, replaced the knob and tube wiring, and the yard became completely private from neighbors. Our home had 1950s remodeling to overcome. And it had 60's wall paneling - in the kitchen! It was a labor of love because I fell in love with my "partner" while doing this project and proposed the day it became legal to marry. Your doors to the deck let in lots of light and views - great plan. Have fun with the project. You will enjoy the results of your work for years after it is finished.

Eric Linder said...

And all of this with an injured hand, Mr. Hamar? I know attorneys learn how to build cases, but decks? I am impressed. You have an eye for domestic architecture as well as male proportions. Congratulations to both of you.