Thursday, April 07, 2011

NOM is Now Officially an Anti-Gay Hate Group

I have long believed that the National Organization for Marriage is little more than a thinly disguised anti-gay hate group akin to Family Research Council, the American Family Association and similar falsely labeled "Christian" organizations which pretend to worry about "family values" or in the case of NOM, allegedly "protecting marriage." Meanwhile, the beginning and end of their agendas is to fan hatred and contempt for LGBT Americans while pocketing lots of money in the process. Now, NOM has shown its true colors as it has waded into the ongoing debate over gay adoption in Virginia. The regulations at the heart of the furor in Virginia have NOTHING to do with same sex marriage (which is already banned under the infamous Marshall-Newman Amendment to the Virginia Constitution enacted in 2006). Thus, there is NO legitimate reason for a group like NOM - supposedly concerned solely about the "sanctity of marriage" - to wade into the adoption issue in Virginia. Unless, of course, denigrating, stigmatizing and punishing LGBT citizens has always been NOM's real agenda. Jeremy Hooper at Good As You shares my views of NOM's true hate based agenda. Here's a sampling of what Jeremy has to say about self-enriching whore (my words not Jeremy's) Maggie Gallagher and her lying extremists at NOM:
While couched under a desire to protect religious-based adoption agencies from going against their beliefs, NOM's latest action is an undeniably anti-LGBT effort. They have voiced no real concern for the surplus of children in need of homes. No concern for the balance between civil and religious interests. Obviously they've shown no concern for the same-sex couples who deserve respect, ideally, and equality, constitutionally. NOM's sole focus has been on providing cover for those who'd rather discriminate than accommodate, with that set's supposed burden being the "protect marriage" group's only actionable interest. NOM's only answer to this situation: To put the faith-based desire to exclude some above a governmental desire to consider/accommodate all.
The increasingly fringe NOM has every right to admit that their gay-excluding focus goes well beyond civil marriage equality itself. But now that they're more fully revealing this hand, Brian Brown and Co. need to own their overreaching faith-based goals rather than pretending to be civil marriage equality proponents' equal counterpart. They need to stop the "protect marriage" canards and start getting real. But since NOM most surely won't bear out their own deep mission, the rest of us must.
Yes, I am hard on Ms. Gallagher. But anyone making well over a quarter of a million dollars per year marketing hate and seeking to keep other citizens unequal and despised by a majority of citizens is in my view worse than a whore. In fact, far worse.

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