Sunday, April 03, 2011

Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested for Rape and Torture of Boy Under 12

In yet another example of the real undercurrents of self-loathing that seem to be the real motivating factor for closet cases and disgusting pedophiles among the clergy, a former California pastor, Barry Albert Cook, was arrested in Alabama on charges of sexual torture and child abuse. These folks rant and rave against gays and those they deem as "other," yet meanwhile it is a ruse to camouflage their own own warped and screwed up mental conditions In this case, the supposed"man of God" liked sex with males - much, much young males. As Alabama television station WSFA-TV and the North County Times have reported, pastor Cook has been booked on charges that he sexually abused a boy younger than 12 years of age. Cook had been recently hired it seems by a church in Alabama. Personally, I am way past over these psychopaths trying to transfer their own psychosis to us normal and well adjusted gays, Here are highlights from the North County News:
The former pastor of what was once a large church congregation in Oceanside was arrested in Alabama on charges of sexual torture and child abuse, a police captain in the southern state said.
Alabama television station WSFA reported that the victim was a boy younger than 12.
Police in Montgomery, Ala., arrested Barry Albert Cook on Thursday, Montgomery police Capt. Ron Cook said. Barry Cook, 47, was placed in the Montgomery County Detention Facility. He remained jailed Tuesday in lieu of $500,000 bail, according to online jail records. The former pastor also had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence in the third degree, the police captain said.
About a decade ago, Cook stirred controversy when, during a speech against racism, he said, "We must see through the leech causes ... like non-citizens who want the same rights and the homosexual agendas who try to equate immoral sexual practices with the issue of racism."

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Unknown said...

What a filthy, sick, disgusting pig. RAPE is wrong and abnormal. PEDOPHILES are wrong and abnormal. Heterosexuality is normal. Homosexuality is...oh, guess what? It's normal too! I'd like for all these hateful Christianists (I love that term because they certainly aren't Christ-like) to put that in their pipe and smoke it!
It's bad enough to be a closeted homo-hater. Worse when the closeted a-hole takes it out on an innocent kid.