Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spain's Governing Socialists Claim Election Win

I am happy to see that the cuurent government has won re-election based on this story form Reuters ( I had previously commented on the efforts of the Roman Catholic Church to interfere with the election inorder to return to power elements that remind me of the Christianists in this country who want to intertwine their religious views with the civil laws and who play an anti-immigrant card. It is encouraging to see that the Church's efforts were not successful. Here are some highlights:
MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's governing Socialist Party won Sunday's election by an increased margin, but just short of an absolute majority, according to early official results. With 33.1 percent of the vote counted, the Socialist party was projected to win 170 seats in the 350-seat lower house. The conservative Popular Party, which had trailed in every opinion poll before the election, was on 150 seats. In the 2004 elections, which Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero won in a last-minute turnaround, the Socialists won 164 seats and the PP 148.

Three out of five exit polls had put Zapatero on the verge of an absolute majority, which requires 176 seats. Most opinion polls in the run-up to the election pointed to a Socialist victory, but none suggested they might grab an overall majority.

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