Friday, March 14, 2008

Hillary Becomes Even More of a Selfish Shrew

John Aravosis has a post on America Blog that bears reading ( because it shows the lengths that she will go to defeat Obama - and the Democrat ticket in November if it does include her. Basically, if she can be the nominee, she wants the party to lose: I suspect so that she can run again in 2012 after McCain's one term presidency. The woman is totally self centered and - let's be blunt - a BITCH. Perhaps being married to Bill does that to a person, but it would be nice if she'd look beyond herself for a moment. Throughout this campaign she has succeed in reminding me of everything sleazy about the Clintons and why the thought of them back in the White House makes me physically ill. She is alienating the black vote, promoting McCain, and engaging in precisely the nasty, underhanded politics that turns voters off and makes them avoid participating in politics. Here are some highlights from John's post:

I've received a lot of emails and comments like this from Hillary supporters. A recent PEW poll shows that 10% of Democrats who support Obama would defect and vote for McCain should Hillary become the candidate. But, a whopping 25% of Democrats who support Hillary would defect and vote for McCain should Obama become the candidate.Are one quarter of Hillary's supporters racists? (Latte-drinkers not looking so bad, after all, eh?) Have they simply bought in to Hillary's incessant message that Obama, the possible Democratic candidate in the fall, is much less qualified than McCain? It's probably a mixture of both.

Someone in the party (and the media) needs to ask Hillary what her plan is to get those 25% back should she not win the nomination. Hillary can only tell Democratic voters so many times that McCain is more qualified to be president than Obama before her supporters (and lots more Americans) end up listening to her. Or is that her plan after all? If Hillary can't win, then no Democrat deserves to win?

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