Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sally Kern - Action Update

Pam Spaulding has a lengthy update on the Sally Kern debacle and a good deal of information which can be found here: (;jsessionid=7C2A2ED54EA11A80569DB57ED48763BF?diaryId=4745). One great point that Pam makes is that the business community and Oklahoma City - which is in Kern's district - Chamber of Commerce and Convention Bureau need to be aware that Kern's bigoted views are NOT acceptable to most people, particularly business people and event planners from other areas. There is contact information for some of those who need to hear that Ms. Kern has done serious damage to the image of their city and region. Here is a portion of Pam's excellent post:

We should politely and rationally point out that Rep. Kern's POV as the city's representative of state government isn't exactly creating a business climate to attract $$$ to the city, or create a quality of life for its LGBT citizens when hate is fomented. This isn't about free speech. It's about the consequences of a public official creating a dehumanizing climate for any LGBT employees of forward-thinking, successful businesses that might want to relocate there who would be paying taxes to enrich the city's coffers.

Roy Williams - President & CEO
Ph: 405/297-8939
Fax: 405/297-8908

The Economic Development Committee is here, including:
Robin L. Roberts, Executive Vice President
Ph: 405/297-8945
Fax: 405/297-8908

Michael Chumo - Manager, Business Development Existing Industry
Ph: 405/297-8803
Fax: 405/297-8908

Michael Ogan - Director of Business Development Business Recruitment, Business Relocation
Ph: 405/297-8956
Fax: 405/297-8908

Marketing and Communications:

Cynthia Reid - Vice President, Marketing and Communications Economic Development Marketing Initiatives, Media Relations, Chamber Events, Chamber Publications, Capital of the New Century and other Image/Branding Programs, National Advertising, Forward OKC III Investor Relations:
Ph: 405/297-8942
Fax: 405/297-8919

Christine Berney - Manager, Public Relations and Image Development Local, regional, and national media relations
Ph: 405/297-8990
Fax: 405/297-8919

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