Monday, December 02, 2013

Racism Is Over, According to the RNC

Sunday was the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks' arrest which helped trigger an upsurge int he civil rights movement.  And shockingly, the Republican National Committee sent out messages claiming that racism is over - even as the GOP in Virginia and elsewhere welcomes white supremacists to its ranks and works diligently to disenfranchise minority voters and bring back aspects of Jim Crow.  The hypocrisy is stunning!  Mother Jones looks at this GOP batshitery and hypocrisy.  Here are highlights:

Sunday is the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks' arrest. The Republican National Committee took to Twitter to celebrate the civil rights icon . . . .It's a weirdly phrased tweet, given that racism is still a huge problem in America, and elsewhere. For the record, the RNC's actual statement on Rosa Parks is much better and less awkward. The statement acknowledges that earlier this year, a bronze statue of Parks was unveiled in the US Capitol's National Statuary Hall (which is full of white supremacists).
But if you're looking for something that is actually terrifying and appalling, just remember that this Supreme Court seems to think that racism in America is over.

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