Monday, May 03, 2021

Reminder: Anonymous Comments Will Not be Approved

Unfortunately, from time to time over the life of this blog I have had to make it clear that those who wish to leave comments on blog posts who lack the spine to reveal their identities and put their name and who they are behind their opinions will not be given a platform.  Since the birth of this blog I have not hidden my identity and who I am, where I live, etc.  Yes, it has brought me death threats - typically from "godly Christian" types - but based om my upbringing and decades of involvement in politics, if you want to voice an opinion, have the balls to stand behind it and do not hide behind an "anonymous" identity. 

Thus, if you are too gutless and cowardly to reveal your true identity, then do NOT expect me to provide a platform for your noxious commentary and personal attacks.  You will not be provided with a platform.  If you want your comment published, have a profile that reveals your identity. Otherwise, your comment will be deleted and not published. 

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