Sunday, November 04, 2007

Montpelier Races

I mentioned the Montpelier races in a post yesterday. These races occur every year and were started by Marion duPont Scott in1924 on the front lawn of James Madison's home, Montpelier located north east of Charlottesville. The hurdle course features the only live brush jumps in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Marion DuPont Scott was a class act and during her lifetime (she died in 1983), the races were free to the public, with Ms. Scott covering all of the expenses and purses. Hence, college students such as myself (I first attended the races in 1972) could attend. She was regard by many as America's First Lady of Racing, and gave generously to many charities. On her death, Montpelier (which includes 2,700 acres) was transferred by the duPont family to the National Trust For Historic Preservation.
The photo above of the mansion is as it looked at the end of Mrs. Scott's life. Extensive renovations are being done currently to remove most of the du Pont enlargements (a mistake in my view) to put the house back to its state at the end of James Madison's life. While less know than many other Virginia founding fathers, Madison is the so-called father of the U. S. Constitution. I am sure he would be horrified to see what has happened to the rights of U.S. citizens under the Chimperator's regime.

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