Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dreary Morning - Updated

I know that we need the rain desperately, but a dark, gray, steady rain sort of day does NOT make me feel bright eyed and motivated. Worse yet, Bela, the household cat is apparently dying. He's had kidney problems for a while and had one miraculous rebound, but seems to have gone into free fall over night. Not sure what to do - he's Raymond's cat, actually and we have been talking via phone about what to do. Bela is like a dog in a cat's body, responds when called and seeks affection unlike so many aloof cats. It is so hard to see him waning away. I have him with me at the office since I could not bear to leave him alone at the house.
Mixers was packed last night - for a time there was a line at the door waiting for others to leave since the place was at maximum capacity. I surely hope they are successful - and not just because it's within walking distance for me. Not surprisingly, there were a number of opening night issues that will be worked out. Overall, it is a great addition to the local entertainment options available. PLEASE NOTE DAVID's ATTACHED COMMENT FROM MIXERS. Also, I failed to mention that the food was EXCELLENT.
During the day I will be drafting a stock purchase agreement and some other materials for clients. As previously indicated, I am going to get back to my chronological coming out story tomorrow, now that nothing I might post can be used against me. I will also try to answer a number of questions that people have posed to me on the issue of children and other things.


Java said...

I am so sorry about Bela.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words about Mixers. As one of the Bartenders I will tell you it was frustrating for us as well. Regardless of any establishment on a capacity night there will be lines and unfamilar grounds in every aspect of service. The Lounge/bar is new, "New" so we have kinks to work out. These will be fixed and quick and soon. We are working on some kinks with all of it and appreciate the understanding of you as well as your readers to allow us "stumbling Blocks as we go." It was great seeing everyone last night, and lots of familar and new faces. Best of Luck to Legends Gala tonight. I wish them much Success. Thanks again