Thursday, December 17, 2020

Medical Situation Update; Hamar Scholarship Coverage

After three visits to doctors, it is confirmed that I broke my right wrist (I am right handed, naturally).  Thankfully, surgery is not required and I will be in a cast for the next four weeks.  The cast has freed up my fingers compared to the splint I was in and I can type albeit not as well as usual and I cannot use a computer mouse.  Thus, I am using my laptop at home and at work since I can manage the touch pad on the laptop. My office computer is only being used to print closing documents which I cannot notarize since I cannot write legibly. It will be a long four weeks.

Meanwhile, above is a piece that was recently run in the local business paper (the entire back page much to my surprise) that looks at the scholarship I founded.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Glad things are going better with the hand.
And kudos!


Eric Linder said...

Dear Mr. Hamar, good to see you back on the Line!

I am an on and off follower of your blogs and photos, and wonder how on earth you find time for a life as husband and father, to say nothing of life as a lawyer and philanthropist. And now to do it all with one hand!

As one who has gotten through ankle fractures in my running days (1st right ankle, then 4 yrs later, left, WITH casts), I sympathize--and I did not require either foot to grade papers or to type lesson plans!

I wish you only peace --the REAL kind-- and healing. May Jan. 20 bring you renewed hope as our democratic system limps along.

All best, Eric Linder in Michigan

EdA said...

Great photo. And Congratulations.

Having been in the same situation, I can readily sympathize. At least in my own case, physical therapy can help quickly and thoroughly and with minimal discomfort. But I'm afraid that you are going to have to forego shovelling snow for a while if any comes in your direction.

Wishing you and Barry and family all the best for the holiday season and after, with hopes and expectations for a better life for all people of good will starting a month from now.

Ed in Boston

Bill said...

Glad you have a definite prognosis. Now the hard part — you just have to be patient!
That's good news about the scholarship getting recognized as the community and young LGBTQ folks need to know that LGBTQ individuals are active participants in the life of the community.
Keep up the good work! All the best, Bill