Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ministers who have brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention

In follow up to my post yesterday about the sex abuse issues being ignored by the Southern Baptist Convention, I stumbled upon the following website ( that goes into great detail on this issue. Here is a quote:

These are just SOME of the men who have brought scandal to the Southern Baptist Convention. Many other Baptist clergy have turned a blind eye or helped to cover up clergy sex abuse, but the list would get way too long if we included those...and yet that conduct is also scandalous. Write to the SBC Executive Committee and urge them to keep a database of ALL ministers convicted, confessed, or credibly accused.

Daniel Earl Allmond* (FL)
Dale "Dickie" Amyx (TX)
Andrew Argent* (TX)
Donald Chrisler Batson* (SC)
John Bonine** (CA)
Mark Lewis Brooks (MO)
Lonnie Broome (FL)
Timothy Neal Byars** (TN)
Jerry Dale Carver** (TX)
Ollin Collins+ (TX)
Shawn Davies* (MO, KY, MI)
Gregory Dempsey* (TN)
Charles Dickerson**(CA)
Garett Dykes* (AL)
Stephen Lee Edmonds**(deacon)(FL)
Jermey Patrick Gable**(FL)
Andres Garcia* (CA)
Luis Federico Garcia* (AL)
Tommy Gilmore (FL, GA, TX)
Brian "Doug" Goodrich, Jr.* (NC)
Robert Gray (FL)
James Griffin** (LA)
Steven Haney** (TN)
Jeffrey Hannah* (IL)
Roy Mace Honeycutt** (NC)
John Hubner* (ME, SC)
Joshua Ross Hyles* (TX)
Fritzner Jean**(FL)
Michael Lee Jones* (TX)
Joel Dean Joslin* (TX)
John Lau* (NY, Army)
Stephen Livingston** (TX)
John O. McKay* (TX)
Mark Woodson Mangrum** (TN)
Leslie Mason* (IL)
Doug Myers* (FL, AL, MD)
Larry Nuell Neathery* (TX)
Kevin Ogle* (GA, SC)
Kenneth Payne* (VA)
Larry Reynolds (TX)
Robert N. Riddle (AL, FL)*(fraud on elderly)
Morris David Roberts* (TX)
Frank Sizemore* (TX)
Phillip Glenn Terrell** (GA)
Sam Underwood (TX)
George "Tom" Wade, Jr.* (AK, Int'l Mission Bd)
Kenneth Ward* (TX)
Stephen Lyle Whittaker*** (FL)
Paul Williams (TN)
Charles "Rick" Willits* (TX)

** Charged
+ Not only a pastor, but board chairman of Southern Baptists' largest seminary

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