Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bush Gets Firsthand Look at Bridge

From today's Virginian Pilot:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Flying over Minneapolis' collapsed highway bridge, President Bush got a bird's-eye view Saturday of the concrete slabs and twisted steel that once spanned the Mississippi River.

The president's Marine One helicopter circled the site several times during a 10-minute tour, allowing him to gaze down upon the muddy waters where some bodies are trapped. He saw pieces of the highway littered with vehicles, including a school bus hugging a guard rail. Rescue boats below helped in the search for victims.

Later, Bush put on an orange and red hard hat and walked around the bridge site. Yards from the school bus, he stood with Gary Babineau, a construction worker who helped rescue children after the collapse.

Excuse me as I go vomit. Just think how many of the nation's deteriorating bridges, highways and other essential infrastructure items could have been replaced or at least significantly repaired with the billions of dollars the Chimperator has caused to be spent/wasted in the Iraq War debacle. But then, other than little PR visits like this one, the Chimperator is clueless about the lives of average Americans and, in my opinion, cares nothing about the American citizenry.

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BostonPobble said...

The first thing I thought when I saw he was going was How long did it take him to get to New Orleans after Katrina? The second was And when was he last there? Nothing like a "safe" photo-op.