Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sex Toys for Alabama Attorney General Troy King

Having once lived in Mobile, Alabama, in the years since I moved away, the state - or at least some politicians - seem to have become nuttier and nuttier and down right obsessed with all things sexual. The recent efforts to shut down the sale of sex toys within the sate by GOP Attorney General Troy King is perhaps the most crazy example. Fortunately, not all Alabama residents are taking this lying down. Even the conservative Mobile Press-Register has a column condemning the AG's efforts ( Better yet, blogger Loretta Nall has launched an effort to encourage the shipment of sex toys to the AG's office. Nothing is more fun than to see a fundie exposed for the nut case that they are. Here are some highlights from Loretta's blog (a cartoon of Mr. King is set out above):
The Birmingham News is reporting that Attorney General Troy King might push for tougher anti-obscenity laws in the next legislative session because of a recent court's ruling that the current laws are too vague with regard to Love Stuff, an adult toy shop.
Now, I only have six words to say to AG King about his anti-dildo crusade..FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS TROY!!!
I think that Troy may not have any experience with devices used in sexual pleasure, so, I am starting a crusade to introduce Troy King to the fabulous world of ben-wa balls, rubber weiners and pocket tooties. I want to encourage all of my readers to purchase a sex toy of some sort and send it to Alabama Attorney General Troy King. I also think there is something fundamentally wrong with a grown, college educated, elected official who seems to obsess over what other consenting adults in his home state might be using in the privacy of their bedrooms. I mean...don't we have much more serious problems in Alabama that our Attorney General should address?

Send your SEX TOYS FOR TROY to:

Alabama Attorney General
c/o Troy King
11 South Union St., 3rd floor
Montgomery, AL 36130
If you participate and send a toy to Troy please post in the comments. I want to track how many he gets.

UPDATE: This seems to have caught on and is being carried by the following Alabama blogs.

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