Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday, and I have been to Church at First Lutheran Church (FLC) in Norfolk ( where I have been a member for over four (4) years. It was a beautiful service and it was nice that so many people were warm and welcoming even though I am openly gay. This would never happen in a Catholic Church, especially under the current Nazi Pope. As I will explain later, I left the Catholic Church around the time I came out (which at the time the whole sex abuse scandal was exploding, starting in Boston), since I could no longer stand the lies and hypocrisy of the institutional Catholic Church. I believe it is important for gays to find welcoming churches that understand that being gay is not a choice and that God in his/her wisdom made GLBT people the way there are for HIS purposes and reasons. The homophobia of “Christians” who attack and marginalize gays is basically blasphemy against God’s creation, in my view.

Also, ironically, one of my friends from my “summer life” growing, which will be described in more detail later, attends FLC and I will be going over to her house this afternoon. Tomorrow, I will have an “Easter lunch” with my youngest daughter, Victoria. Overall, it’s a good day so far.

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D-Man said...

Although Troy and I work most weekends, we attend the church we were married in 15 years ago whenever we can. We are so very appreciative of this welcoming and spiritually encouraging place.