Friday, December 30, 2016

Victims Of Pedophile Priests Claim Pope Francis Ignored Warnings About Predator Priests

Despite a few seemingly LGBT -supportive comments made by Pope Francis, his actions during his reign so far have shown that things at the Vatican remain largely "business as usual" with gays continuing to be viewed as inherently disordered and inclined toward evil to quote the writings o the Nazi Pope, Benedict XVI.  One other thing that has apparently not changed despite rivers of crocodile tears from the Vatican and disingenuous statements by Pope Francis himself is the Vatican's and papacy's willingness to turn a blind eye when it comes to warnings about predator priests who continue to prey on children and youths.  A piece in the Latin Times reports allegations that Pope Francis deliberately ignored warnings about a predator priest shuffled to a different parish where he could prey on innocent victims.  Here are highlights:
Sexual abuse in Catholicism has been a sticky topic over the years with many priests being subjected to rumors and some proven to be guilty of crossing the line with children. While the Vatican has been made of aware of the recent allegations, more troubling news is coming to surface with many people demanding answers.
According to FOX News Latino, alleged victims of Rev. Nicola Corradi said they wrote a letter to the pontiff in 2014 warning him that the purported pedophile had been reassigned to the South American country.
The site reports that the victims' families contend that the Vatican knew about him since at least 2009, when he was publicly accused of abusing students at the Provolo Institute in Verona, Italy, where he then worked.
We recently reported that Argentine police arrested 82-year old Nicola Corradi, priest Horacio Corbacho, 55, and three other men at the Antonio Próvolo Institute, a school for youths with hearing disabilities in the northwest of the country for sexually abusing the children.
Corradi, and Corbacho were arrested last month along with three employees for the alleged abuse of at least 24 deaf children who attended the Antonio Provolo Institute, in the city of Mendoza.
The victims are now speaking out saying that nothing was done then nor later in 2014, when they told Pope Francis in a letter that Corradi was living in his native Argentina.
"From the pope down ... all of the Catholic Church hierarchy is the same. They all knew," one of the victims told The Associated Press through a sign language interpreter.
Another victim said the priests would rape again if released.
"This happened in Italy ... it happened again here, and it must end," the victim said, insisting on speaking anonymously. "Enough!"
Pope Francis and the Vatican have yet to speak publicly about the accusations and the investigation.
Sadly, it is the same story we have heard over and over again since the Boston Globe broke the story of the Catholic Church's cover ups of predatory priests in 2002. In truth, nothing has really changed which brings up the question I have asked before: how can any moral person remain a Roman Catholic? Thankfully, the last of my family members who had continued to attend mass finally woke and has walked away.  Now, no one in my family who was raised Catholic remains an active member of the Catholic Church, including children and grandchildren.  Three generations have walked away in disgust. Others need to do likewise.

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