Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Election Reaction - Fear and Depression

With bad election results flowing in, I am feeling depressed and, candidly, downright fearful - if not terror.  I can't stand to stay up and watch the results if they are pro-Trump and feel as if I am witnessing American democracy slipping beneath the surface of the sea like  the Titanic or some other lost liner of old.  

The depression part comes from the realization that there are so many truly hate-filled horrible people in America.  Perhaps I should not be surprised.  After all, this is the country that committed genocide against Native Americans, allowed segregation for generations, overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy, and won its Caribbean possessions and Pacific possessions by conquest.   It also comes from supposed "friends" who are backing Trump.  This evening I unfriended a supposed Facebook "friend" who is celebrating over how well Trump is doing. Meanwhile this Fox News junkie doesn't realize that a Trump win means an anti-LGBT Supreme Court and right to discriminate laws for Christofascists. This is very, very scary. I feel like I am in 1930's Germany.

If Trump wins and the GOP controls Congress, our marriage could well be invalidated by a reversal of the 2015 same sex marriage ruling. A falsely named "religious freedom act" will be passed at the federal level and I will be a target for completely legal discrimination and bigotry. Thankfully, I can qualify to receive Social Security now if need be, but the husband has another 2 years. After that, we may have to move overseas. A very, very sad situation. Thank you to all of my Republican "friends."

In short, if Trump wins, my new task will be to begin researching where the husband and I can move to find an existence in a less hate-filled and bigoted country.  I am so afraid that America has opted to take the path of those who rejected Weimar Germany.  


Cara H said...

I'm saddened and disgusted. People are more full of hate than I had wanted to believe they are.

gdouglasw said...

We too need a settlement with a warmer climate than Canada, English, and good health care, any thoughts?