Sunday, July 26, 2015

Disposable Children - One of the Evils of Religion

I happened upon the video above which is a advertisement for the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Yes, it's a dramatization, but the story depicted in it sadly happens virtually daily across America.  Forty percent of homeless youth are LGBT youth.  Many, if not most, have been discarded by their parents who put belief in mythical ancient writings over the lives and well being of their their own children.  It literally sickens me.   I was lucky that when I came out, my parents embraced me - hence the scholarship for LGBT youth I endowed.   So many LGBT youth are not so lucky.  What happens to them is one of the great evils caused by religion.  In Islamic countries, their fates are often even worse.  We need to end deference to - and I would argue even tolerance for - religious belief.  All too often it perpetrates evil.  Worse yet, due to tax-exempt status for anti-gay churches, the rest of us are indirectly funding such evil.

Make a difference and make a donation to an organization that helps homeless LGBT youth.

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The video didn't link, Michael.