Sunday, November 18, 2012

Member of Anti-Gay Alliance Defense Fund Arrested for Child Pornography

Once again we see the hypocrisy of the anti-gay Christofascist set coming to the fore - a member of the anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund who is also a member of a national coalition of Christian lawyers (pictured at right) has been arrested on child pornography charges.  It never ceases to amaze me (although I guess at this point I should no longer be amazed) that it seems to almost always be the most vociferous anti-gay "Christians" who are the ones engaging in either same sex trysts themselves (e.g., former Congressman Ed Schrock) or child porn.  To be clear, I am not saying that liberals and Democrats don't get in to similar trouble from time to time, but the vast majority seem to be the ultra-conservative homophobic Christians.   The Concord Monitor has details.  Here are excerpts:

A Manchester lawyer took a teenage girl to Canada, had her engage in sexual activity and convinced her to let it be filmed, according to federal indictments.

FBI agents swiftly arrested Lisa Biron yesterday morning as she awaited a hearing on child pornography charges at Manchester’s district court. About 9 a.m. FBI agents entered the courtroom, told Biron to leave her belongings and took her into an adjoining conference room where she remained for several minutes before coming out in handcuffs.  Outside, Biron ducked her head below the backseat window of a white vehicle as it was driven away from the courthouse.

A few hours later in U.S. District Court in Concord, Biron, who is associated with a national coalition of Christian lawyers, was formally told of the federal charges against her: transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, possession of child pornography and five counts of sexual exploitation of children.

Biron is associated with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group of lawyers who, according to their website, are committed to keeping “the door open for the spread of the Gospel” by advocating for “religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.” In Concord, she worked with the ADF in defending a Pentecostal Church on Mountain Road in its tax fight against the city.

She recently served on the board of directors at Mount Zion Christian Schools in Manchester, according to the school’s headmaster.

On Biron’s Facebook page, which was taken down in recent weeks, she had listed the Bible as her favorite book.
As Joe Jervis correctly notes, the Alliance Defense Fund, recently which changed its name to Alliance Defending Freedom, has a non-stop agenda of working to inflict Christian Sharia Law upon all Americans.  Gays and anything that would afford gays civil rights are, of course, one of the group's favorite targets.

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amtop said...

When a conservative is exposed in an issue like this, it's a sin the can be forgive. When a liberal is exposed in a similiar situation, it's the end of society as we know it and must be stopped. I think liberals see it as a moral degradation that needs to end, while conservatives can be forgiven and sin again another day.