Sunday, April 02, 2017

Equality Virginia Commonwealth Dinner - Reflections

This weekend has been largely non-stop.  Hence the lack of posts today.  We drove to Richmond yesterday morning, settled into our friend's home that was on loan, went out to lunch and then more or less socialized non-stop other than sleeping and driving back from Richmond today.   The Commonwealth Diner was, as always a great time.  This year, too my surprise and humility, I was selected to be one of the "Outstanding Virginians" of 2017.  Besides seeing many friends, I had the surprise pleasure of seeing a former law school roommate and, of course, got to share the stage with six other amazing people who were similarly honored, including my friend Gavin Grimm.  As has been the norm for many of the more recent years, the event included a who's who of elected officials - at least Democrats since Republicans sadly still act as if LGBT individuals were lepers - and I had the privilege of having my award handed to me by our friend, Lt. Governor, Ralph Northam.  

After staying up way too late last night, the husband and I hosted a brunch in Richmond before heading back to Hampton and an event at the Hampton Yacht Club for new members and their sponsors (we sponsored a friend).  It will truly be early to bed this evening!  Some photos are above and below.  Yes, the husband and I did dress a bit over the top, :)

The take away from the weekend?  Now, more than ever it is critical that LGBT individuals "come out" and witness to others who they are.  Our enemies find it easy to demonize some theoretical stereotype.  But when faces and stores are connected to what our foes strive to label as the "other," suddenly anti-LGBT propaganda falls flat and is far less effective.  Living "out" and proudly is one of the highest forms of activism. 


EdA said...

Congratulations! Of course, the reporting and analytical work that you've been doing has had impact well beyond the boundaries of the Commonwealth of Virginia, though helping to make it more of a common-wealth, and though we've never met, I for one greatly appreciate your efforts.

Stephen said...


RichardR said...

I have great appreciation for your efforts which merit this splendid recognition. You're an asset to the Commonwealth and to the ongoing struggle for equality. Hoorah for visibility!