Thursday, January 19, 2017

Log Cabin Republicans Beg Trump To Keep Obama’s LGBT Non-Discrimination Executive Order

For years I have equated being gay and a Republican - or, worse yet, a Log Cabin Republican ("LCR") - as being somewhat akin to be a Jew in 1930's Germany who supports Hitler and the Nazi Party.  All of the LCR's whining about changing the Republican Party from within has always been a pile of bullshit and, in my view, a symptom of lingering internalized homophobia.  Having been in the GOP myself and a City Committee member for 8 years, the GOP simply is simply NOT susceptible to change from within.  Only successive electoral defeats will bring change.  Now, with the election of Der Fuhrer, change from within is even more remote.  So now we see the LCR begging Trump to not rescind the pro-LGBT executive orders put in place by Barack Obama. Seriously, what did these cretins expect to happen if Trump was elected?  But for the harm that will be done to others in the LGBT community, the LCR members deserve whatever misfortune that may befall them under the Republicans they worked to elect.  Their beg letter to Trump is here.  Here's a brief summary of the contents:

At the present time, there is no federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. States have a pastiche of laws and gubernatorial executive orders—some prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and some only on the basis of sexual orientation, while 28 states have no statutes protecting members from the LGBT community from discrimination at all.
For FY2016, $1.8 trillion contract dollars were awarded in states that have no state-level non-discrimination protections for gender identity/expression, with $1.7 trillion of that total going to states that also have no protections for sexual orientation.
More than 61% of the 26 states that received $50 billion or more in federal contracts in 2016 have no employment non-discrimination laws explicitly covering sexual orientation, and 65% lack laws covering gender identity.
Of the 20 states with the most EEOC complaints, only five have nondiscrimination protections covering sexual orientation and gender identity.
The lack of formal, federal non-discrimination legislation allows the LGBT Non-Discrimination Executive Order to address the plight of the nearly four in 10 (38%) LGBT employees who were “out” at work who reported harassment and discrimination in the past five years, compared to only 10% of LGBT employees who were “not out.”
At the present time, there is no federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Executive orders prohibiting discrimination against minority communities have a decades-long history with support from both Republican and Democratic presidents.
Federal prohibitions against gay discrimination have been a matter of United States policy via executive order since 1998,and were maintained in the administration of Republican President George W. Bush.
The amended executive order prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity has been a matter of realized policy for nearly two years. Maintaining the LGBT Non-Discrimination Executive Order is not only right, but popular: 68% of Americans support workplace protections for LGBT individuals.
Maintaining the LGBT Non-Discrimination Executive Order would send a strong signal that President Trump is the “real friend” to the LGBT community that he vowed to be while campaigning for the presidency.

I'm sorry, but the LCR's have been living in a frigging fantasy world.  Now, it seems they are about to receive a harsh wake up call. 

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