Monday, August 29, 2016

The Devolution of the GOP

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough recently was the target of Donald Trump's wrath simply because he was speaking the truth about Trump and the ugly direction in which he has taken the Republican Party. Just because Trump cares nothing about the truth - especially when directed at him, of course, doesn't make it any less the truth.  Scarborough has an op-ed in the Washington Post that looks at the episode and the larger descent on the GOP into something truly vile.  The party he remembers in the persons of George and Barbara Bush despite their faults and failures, was a far better party and is what I remember growing up.  The GOP today is unrecognizable and the Bushes will not be voting for Trump.  Here are excerpts:
These days, a rudely out-of-bounds Trump attack surprises Mika and me about as much as a puppy relieving himself on a living room rug. We’ve figured out by now that it does no good to lose your cool with the puppy or Donald Trump, since neither have and control over their bladder or mouth. As Aristotle famously said, “It is what it is.”
Fortunately, things became a bit more interesting by the time we rolled into Kennebunkport for a speech on the 2016 campaign and made our way to Walker’s Point to visit President Bush and Barbara. . . . .
George and Barbara Bush were the same gracious and welcoming hosts Friday night that they had been when my family last visited Kennebunkport five years earlier. Mrs. Bush even asked about my youngest children, who she remembered remarkably well considering the countless guests that have streamed through their world since that summer’s day in 2011. But her human touch is the kind of thing the family always seems to manage with ease. They make others around them feel special despite the fact that they have lived the most remarkable of lives
But good luck getting George or Barbara Bush talking about themselves. They just don’t do it and they never will. First of all, their parents didn’t allow it. And besides, that kind of thing wasn’t done in the world from which they came. It is just one small way that the ethos of Walker’s Point is so radically different from the mindset that infects Donald Trump’s garish corner office high above 5th Avenue in Trump Towers.
As Meacham and I walked down the driveway after saying goodbye to the Bushes, Jon lamented the fact that the same Republican Party that nominated a man like Bush, who rarely spoke about himself, would a quarter century later select a reality TV showman who obsessively talked about little else. Meacham paraphrased Henry Adams in saying that the historical devolvement from Bush to Trump proves that Darwin’s theory of evolution was less compelling when applied to American politics.
We soon drove away from Walker’s Point and into the night knowing that the world we had just departed would soon be fading as fast as the dying sunset over that rocky Maine coast.

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Candide said...

Scarborough seems to think tRump sprung, like Athena from Zeus' head, full bodied and fully armored. But he and the Gingrich crowd said nothing about hate radio. Their innumerable fake partisan scandals aimed at the Clintons are what landed his pathetic party in this soup. Reap what you sow.