Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happy to Welcome a New Grandson

On Wednesday a new grandson was born to me and the husband.  He came far ahead of schedule, but is doing well and making great progress.  Hopefully, he will soon be off of oxygen and in not too long be able to go home.  Words do not express the joy and happiness his birth gives us.  We now have three grandchildren (two are boys), one step granddaughter, and we will have another granddaughter in July.  Our family definitely doesn't fit the image that hater merchants like Tony Perkins and Victoria Cobb like to disseminate. 

They other positive is that these children and more and more of their friends will grow up believing that same sex couples are a normal part of life.  Better yet, should any of them turn out to be LGBT, they will know that they can be themselves and have a wonderful future ahead of them without the shame and torment I and so many suffered growing up. 

Similarly, more and more people are coming to realize that, contrary to the image with which anti-gay hate groups like to depict gays, many of us in the LGBT community have families - children and even grandchildren.  We are very much just like everyone else other than who we love.  Indeed, we are far more that the sorry image "ex-gays for pay" talk about as they parade around and whine about the "gay lifestyle" as one of promiscuous sex and constant drug use (in my view, most of these charlatans suffered from psychological damage stemming from religious brainwashing that screwed up their lives rather than their sexual orientation).  There is no "gay lifestyle." We are all just people.


Candide said...

Six grandkids here, one a year for the last six years. When my son wrote a thank you note to me after his wedding reception, the thing I found most moving was when he wrote, "Ours may not be a 'traditional' family, but no one could ask for a more supportive family than I have." Our untraditional families will become more and more traditional as the years go by, I am sure. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family.

Dave said...

My husband and I came out in our late forties and early fifties, after being married to women and having fathered two kids a piece. We are now proud grandparents of seven wonderful grandkids. As members of a recent tour group of eight older couples to Greece, the two gay guys were the couple with the most grand kids!

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

Thank you for sharing and for the good wishes!!

Theaterdog said...

Thank you very much ..I still enjoy this space each day BUT this is a different kind of joy .
Congratulations... to all in your family !
Tim in Paris.

EdA said...

Congratulations to you and The Husband. Heather has Two Mommies. Your young 'uns have Three Grandfathers!

All happiness and joy to all.