Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Joy Behar: ‘Transgenders for Cruz is Like Jews for Hitler’

I have often said that gay Republicans are as insane as 1930's Jews who supported the Nazi regime. It's even more insane for transgender individuals to support the Republican Party given the party's and the party base's utter contempt for transgender.  Hence, Joy Behar's comparison of Caitlyn Jenner to a Jew supporting Hitler.  While I applaud Caitlyn Jenner's courage in coming out and transitioning, I continue to be shocked and appalled by her cluelessness on social and political issues that never affected her as a privileged white male up until her transition.   Is she blind and/or deaf to what the GOP continues to say about LGBT individuals?  Towleroad looks at Behar's apt comments.  Here are highlights:
The women on The View had a conversation about Caitlyn Jenner today, reacting to a photo she tweeted last night in response to outrage from the LGBT community over her support for Ted Cruz (she has said she wants to be Cruz’s “trans ambassador”).
Jenner’s tweet was a photo of her and some friends, including Candis Cayne, with Hillary Clinton and read “#learningfrommygirls #willingtolisten.”
Raven Symone commented that she thought Jenner should have taken a hiatus after stepping into the public eye and feels Jenner could have benefited from the perspective:
“I knew that I liked girls at 12 years old, but when I came out at 28 I didn’t go ‘I’m an advocate! I’m an advocate!’ I didn’t know the struggle cause I didn’t live in that world, and now she’s backtracking. I think she just needs to step back a little bit.”
Added Sunny Hostin: “She lived the majority of her life as a white male athlete star…privileged, right? So (now) she’s part of the minority. I think it’s fascinating to watch her struggle with those issues. She’s experiencing things that people of color, that women experience all the time.”
Michelle Collins felt a bit more cynical about it, adding that Jenner’s just trying to “put out a fire” with the Hillary photo.
“Transgenders for Cruz is like Jews for Hitler,” interjected Behar. “She’s not paying attention. She is transgender and she should be reading about it and understanding politics. Or watching and thinking.”

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