Sunday, January 03, 2016

Did Actor Colton Haynes Just Come Out As Gay?

Increasingly it has become the norm for Hollywood reporters and scandal sheets to speculate about the sexual orientation of actors.  One who has been a target of this effort is Colton Haynes who has some very gay looking photos in his past that he once sought to suppress.  Now, Eonline reports that Haynes may be coming out:

Arrow star, Teen Wolf alum and former model Colton Haynes drew much attention on social media on Saturday when he replied to a person's comment about his supposed sexuality.

On Tumblr, a user had written, "When I found out Colton Haynes had a secret gay past, I got so excited even though i know it makes absolutely no difference in my life."

"Was it a secret?" Haynes, 27, responded on his own official Tumblr blog. "Let's all just enjoy life & have no regrets :)"

Colton, who is immensely popular and very active on a number of social media platforms, has always remained private online about his sexuality and love life and has often sparked speculation about it. After his comment, Twitter exploded with more.

One blogger/activist notes:

Haynes has, however, been outspoken about his support for LGBT rights and shared pics on Instagram of his gay brother Joshua and his husband Scott.  

Kudos to Colton.  Life in the closet is destructive and, hopefully, he can help others to avoid living a closeted life. 

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