Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quote of the Day: Steve Schmidt on the GOP's Suicde Pact with NOM

With all of the newest polls showing support for same sex marriage surging - a reality confirmed by last Thursday's vote in four states - the GOP remains married to the Christofascists, the professional Christian crowd and other gay haters of the far right.  Folks like Tony Perkins (who wrote much of the GOP platform on gay issues and abortion), Maggie Gallagher and here in Virginia, Victoria Cobb of The Family Foundation, the de facto dominatrix of the Virginia GOP.  Some in the GOP see the hand writing of the future on the wall: remaining anti-gay marriage equates to long term political death.  Just as white supremacy will soon equate to political death for the GOP in Texas within not too many years given the surging Hispanic vote.  The New York Times has a quote from Steve Schmidt, an adviser to John McCain's campaign, on the idiocy of the GOP's anti-gay platform:

But some Republicans question whether their party should try to resist a seemingly unstoppable demographic trend. “The die is cast on this issue,” said Steve Schmidt, who advised the presidential campaigns of Senator John McCain and George W. Bush and has for years urged Republicans to accept same-sex marriage. “Why should we sign a suicide pact with the National Organization for Marriage?” Mr. Schmidt asked, saying the party should instead endorse the principles of federalism and let the states decide the matter.  

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