Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day Turn Out in Virginia - Will Turnout Sink Romney?

I voted this morning and traffic at my precinct in Hampton was high but not extraordinary since we typically have a fairly high turnout.  My daughter on the other hand - who lives in my house in Norfolk near Old Dominion University - experienced a huge turn out of college students and African-American voters.  Indeed, she and her husband were in line well over two (2) hours waiting to vote.  Having voted in that same Norfolk precinct myself in 2008, it would seem that the turn out is much larger than four years ago.  Blue Virginia reports that anecdotal reports suggest that what my daughter experienced was not a typical:

UPDATE 10:53 am: Long lines in deep-blue Arlington, I just got back from voting after about a 40 minute wait, couple hundred people ahead of me in line.

UPDATE 12:53 pm: Anecdotal, but a good sign if true: " just voted in Northern Virginia area [in Prince William County] & the same place/area that Ive voted at for years and can report that turnout is up in general and far more Latinos than Ive ever seen voting" 

UPDATE 12:55 pm: Also, just saw this by @ThePlumLineGS. "Dems report long voting lines in Richmond, Newport News, East Henrico, and Arlington--all Dem strongholds in Virginia"

UPDATE 3:03 pm: Mo Elleithee writes, "Seeing VERY high turnout across Virginia. On par with or maybe even HIGHER than 2008 levels. Long lines in many places. Please be patient and stay in line!"
Update in Charlottesville (0.00 / 0)
Turnout of about 38% by 1 PM, which the Registrar says will likely equate to 70%.  Turnout in 2008 was 70%.  The good news is that the base number of registered voters is 5,000 higher this year, so that should mean 3,500 more voters.  If everything else remains constant, that should mean that the Democrats' margin should be about 1,700 more than in 2008.  Oh, and more than 3,000 voted early.
Let's hope that the young voters, blacks and Hispanics turn out in force and send a very strong message to Romney, Ryan, Allen, et. al, and put Obama back in the White House.  Nothing would be sweeter than seeing the bigots and white supremacists of the GOP get their just deserves.

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