Saturday, September 15, 2012

National Jewish Democratic Council Rips Cantor and Ryan

I've often noted that I deem Congressman Eric Cantor to be an embarrassment to Virginia.  Apparently, so does the  National Jewish Democratic Council which condemned Cantor for attending the virulently anti-non-Christian "Values Voters Summit" sponsored by three designated hate groups.  As the sole Jewish Republican in Congress, Cantor's allegiance to groups that include a good number of white supremacists and anti-Semites - not to mention homophobes - is akin to someone of Jewish descent fraternizing with Nazis.  Cantor seems to be the equivalent of self-loathing gays who  as best I can figure exhibit their inner self-loathing by supporting those who literally hate them.  Here are portions of yesterday's press release via Joe My God:

"American Jews will feel a sense of profound disappointment that two of the most important Republicans in the country have chosen to address - and thus court and legitimize - some of America's most extreme and deeply disturbing social conservatives at today's Values Voter Summit. The Southern Poverty Law Center urged public officials to refrain from attending because of the organizers' infamous history of gay bashing, anti-Muslim and intolerant statements, including disgustingly and directly linking homosexuality to the Holocaust. But equally concerning is the history of hate-filled toxic rhetoric that flows from many of its participants year after year. This is above and beyond one of the summit's organizers' calls for Jews to be converted to Christianity.

"Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) should theoretically be working to expand the Romney campaign's appeal to mainstream voters, and rumor has it the Republican Party is attempting to attract Jewish voters as well, though it has a strange way of showing it. Instead, he is serving as the campaign's bridge to far-right extremists -- a crowd that he blends all too well with. Furthermore, the appearance by Cantor -- the only Jewish Republican in Congress -- is sending yet another message that gay bashing, intolerance and abusive Holocaust rhetoric are accepted by the House GOP caucus. The unfortunate alliance between the Values Voter Summit and today's GOP is just one more element sure to remind the vast majority of American Jews --who strongly support marriage equality -- why they firmly support the Democratic Party."

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