Monday, August 06, 2012

Stormfront Supporters Praise Terrorist Attack Against Sikhs

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The sickness of the far right never ceases to amaze me and I truly wonder at times how someone becomes so consumed with hate - not to mention a bizarre psychological need to feel superior to others - that they can condone the murder of those whom they don't even know and who have done them no harm.  Just as the Christianists cannot seem to feel good about themselves unless they are denigrating gays and non-Christians, so too the white supremacists have a sick need to count themselves better than those they deem inferior.  Jeffrey Imm at Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.) has sent me some disturbing evidence that Stormfront, the white supremacist group with whom the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter had affiliation is praising yesterday's bloodbath.   Here are some highlights and some screen captures (above and below):
Supporters of the white supremacist “hate group” Stormfront spoke out to praise the terrorist attack.   One Stormfront supporter  wrote “finally a man who got some nerve, how this non violent crap been working for all u guys who are slamming this guy, spread all the propaganda u want, the message isnt getting out, this is how points are made.”  The Stormfront “hate group” moderator “Jack Boot” originally removed the post and then reposted it.  Another Stormfront supporter shared the despair of other white supremacists that were upset about Sikhs in Wisconsin, stating with a “sad face,” that in addition to Sikhs in New Jersey, they also had “jews and muslims, etc., etc.”.  R.E.A.L. has captured a screen shot of the Stormfront supporter’s praise of the terrorist attack.

The Label 56 white supremacist musical website maintained an account on the Stormfront “hate group” web site, and Label 56 promoted their interview with Wade Michael Page on the Stormfront web page there (see captured screen shot of this). Wade Michael Page’s “End Apathy” band is repeatedly addressed on the Stormfront “hate group” web site, which appeared at white supremacist parties and gatherings, including a white supremacist gathering in March 2012 in Richmond, Virginia.  The “End Apathy” Stormfront Member was based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and joined Stormfront in March 2008.  

The End Apathy White Supremacist band was also promoted on Stormfront’s web site, where the band sought to hold “Meet and Greet” efforts with other white supremacists, such as the one North Carolina, where Wade Michael Page was previously stationed in the U.S. Army.

End Apathy Band Promotes Racist Meetings (Screenshot from

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Jeffrey Imm said...

I would also recommend adding this important context in your story, so that people don't believe it was a lone Stormfront supporter:


Stormfront Editor and Chief of Staff Jack Boot, also defended keeping the posting up about praising the terrorist attack on the Sikhs stating "they're asking for it." Regarding the Stormfront supporter praising the terrorist killer that attacked the Sikh temple, "Jack Boot" states "I don't hold his sentiments against him. He's far, far from the only one, of any race or creed, thinking in these terms. And others have pointed out that, regardless of the details that may emerge, strife is inevitable under a regime enforcing multiculturalism. Christ, they're asking for it."  R.E.A.L. has captured a screen shot of the Stormfront "chief of staff" comments on this as well.


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