Monday, August 06, 2012

Stormfront Poll Shows Homosexuality, Racemixing, And Polygamy The Most "Unacceptable Forms Of Behavior"

Image of End Apathy Group Led by Reported White Supremacist Terrorist Wade 
Michael Page (Photo: Label 56 Web Site)
Lest LGBT readers think that they are safe from white supremacist bigotry unless they are non-white, they need to think again., the white supremacy site with which Wisconsin Wade Michael Page had affiliation did a survey of its followers and being LGBT was deemed the most "unacceptable behavior."  Indeed, we ranked more unpopular than interracial couples.  White Reference, another white supremacy site reports as follows:

[T]he three most unacceptable forms of behavior among White Nationalists are homosexuality (73.5 percent), race mixing (69.4 percent), and polygamy (51.1 percent). On the opposite end of the scale, military service (3.2 percent), non-violent ex-convicts (7.8 percent), and national socialism (8.7 percent) are considered the least objectionable.

 The massive rejection of homosexuality is gratifying; it seems like the White Nationalist community is the last bastion of defense against the promotion and statutory protection of the homosexual lifestyle nationwide.
I'd love to know what percentage of the white supremacists consider themselves to be good conservative Christians.  

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