Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Out in the Line-Up - A documentary about Gays and Surfing

As a surfer and a gay man, I joined Gay back when it first launched two years ago.  While based in Australia, members include surfers from literally all around the globe.  Now, the group is working on a documentary called "Out in the Line Up," that hopefully dispels inaccurate stereotypes.   Here are details from a release issued today:

Out in the line-up A documentary that challenges the taboos around homosexuality in surfing The world of surfing is more diverse than portrayed in the media – and the acknowledgment of a gay presence in surfing is long overdue. Follow the founder of the world’s first website for gay surfers through Australia, the USA and Brazil – to meet ex pro-surfers, surfing groups, up-and-coming surfers, sports psychologists, journalists and sponsors. Their stories tell of the hope for diversity and acceptance, both in and out of the water.

The documentary is currently in production, with shooting in USA scheduled for October, 2012, followed by filming in Australia in February, 2013 and Brazil in July, 2013.  The plan is for a release in December, 2013.  The news release also includes this call for those who would like to participate:

We are currently looking for professional crew members in Australia and Brazil. We are also looking for talented surfers and interesting protagonists who are prepared to tell their stories on camera. We are committed to giving these stories a voice, and are looking for avenues of funding, sales and distribution to bring this film to a global audience. If you are interested in being part of this journey please contact us over

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