Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chimperator Bush vs. Winston Churchill

Chimperator Bush likes to think of himself as a War President and apparently may view himself as another FDR or Churchill. Other than in his delusions, he is clearly neither. As for Churchill comparison, here is an interesting and humorous story about Churchill's drinking habits versus the Chimperator's via The Van Der Galien Gazette ( ):

As we ‘re inundated with quotes from Robert Draper’s revealing book on Bush, I kind of enjoyed this one, on drinking:

Discussing his past battles with alcohol, he says he would never be able to make decision on war if he was still drinking. “Exercise helps. And I think prayer helps,” he says. “I wouldn’t be President if I kept drinking. You can get sloppy, can’t make decisions. It clouds your reason, absolutely.”

Wasn’t the War on Terror modeled after the struggle against Nazism? And didn’t Sir Winston Churchill make a resounding re-entry in the daily lexicon after the events of 9/11? What would the world have looked like if Sir Winston had applied the same rigor to his alcohol consumption as GWB? Here’s a clue:

His drinking habits were admirably fetishistic - preferably Pol Roger, served at precisely the right temperature (he was delighted when the gift of a refrigerator from Beaverbrook in 1926 obviated the need to dilute it with ice) and interspersed with much brandy and port. The papers of Harry Hopkins, Roosevelt’s lend-lease administrator, contain several good examples of the war leader’s zealous interest in his own consumption. For instance, Hopkins describes finding Churchill in January 1943 ‘in bed in his customary pink robe, and having, of all things, a bottle of wine for breakfast’. Viscount Alanbrooke made the same observation, and Eden’s diary mentions Churchill taking a ’stiff whiskey and soda, at 8.45 a.m’. A Foreign Office official described a dinner with Churchill as ,a varied and noble procession of wines with which I could not keep pace - champagne, port, brandy, Cointreau: Winston drank a good deal of all, and ended with two glasses of whisky and soda.’

Even if highly intoxicated, Churchill still was more in touch with reality than The Chimperator. Personally, I think Bush is more like Hitler than Churchill. :)


RIC said...

Oh my God!!! Thank you so very much for the great laughs I just had! I hadn't even started reading your post and I was already laughing as a fool! Lol!
«Chimperator» is a wonderful word and an even better concept! Lol!
Greetings, dear Michael!

Michael in Norfolk said...

Thanks!! I try to add some humor while I comment on serious subjects. :) If you think I am bad, check out some of MagicBellyBotton's posts on Bush and Australian Prime Minister Howard. They are a scream.