Monday, July 02, 2018

Weekend Reflections - Life After Coming Out

Baylake Beach, Virginia Beach - where my parents lived for over 30 years.
Posts were down from normal levels over the weekend over the weekend and this morning.  Between PrideFest activities and a visit by family members things were pretty much non-stop in terms of activities. On Saturday, not only did the husband and I attend PrideFest in Town Point Park in downtown Norfolk, but will also attended mini-family reunion in my old neighborhood   during the period I was married and in the closet.  The good news is that my family is open and accepting, especially with my children and their cousins and now their children. Saturday was over schedule.  Yesterday was more relaxed with a outing to the beach at Fort Monroe in Hampton - I highly recommend it - and the house guests left this morning.   The image above is from the beach at my late parents' neighborhood.  Those set below are from PrideFest - yes, I was on the HR Pride Board when the first PrideFest in downtown Norfolk took place - and from the family gathering and views of the beach at Ft. Monroe in Hampton. 
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Family gathering at th Alanton-Baycliff pool, Virginia Beach, where
I served on the board of directors and as president for 2 years.
Ft. Monroe, Hampton, Virginia - why fight the crowds at Oceanfront when one can have this?
All said and done, it was a wonderful weekend. And while it might shock the Christofascists and Trump base, most gays have a wide range of supportive family members and friends, all of whom vot faithfully. 

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