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I Was Wrong- Neither Scott Taylor nor Randy Forbes is Fit for Congress

Scott Taylor - Randy Forbes

UPDATED 5-4-16: Today Del. Scott Taylor proved that he is no real friend to the LGBT community by endorsing Donald Trump and suggesting to me that he was merely playing some of us in the LGBT community for fools, yours truly included.   Here's part of a press statement released by Taylor today:

I look forward to running with Donald Trump in November's general election. I encourage Second District Republicans to rally around Trump to help win Virginia for the GOP. The thought of a Hillary Clinton presidency should shock and scare every thoughtful American who knows our country is headed in the wrong direction. I will work with Donald Trump to put America first and get our economy growing again.

I retract my previous post:

Disclaimer: Randy Forbes was a law school classmate of mine.  Over the years, he has become less and less mainstream and hardly resembles the person I once knew. His main agenda in Congress has been far right wing and some of his pro-Christian extremist positions have subjected the Hampton Roads area to ridicule. 

The upcoming primary that will determine the for the Republican candidate for Virginia's 2nd District this November is an opportunity to send homophobic, theocracy loving, do nothing Congressman Randy Forbes into political retirement. Other than backing extreme Christian right efforts in Congress and enjoying the perks of being a member of Congress, Forbes has little to show for his years in Congress. 

Most ridiculous of all, when the Virginia 4th District which Forbes has represented since 2001 was reconfigured after federal courts found it and the 3rd District to have been illegally gerrymandered, Forbes opted not to run for reelection in the 4th District - fearing he would lose now that the district wasn't hand tailored to guarantee him  victory - to run in the Virginia 2nd District where the incumbent, Scott Rigell, is retiring.  What is shocking is that Forbes doesn't live in the 2nd District, has few ties to it, and is only ostensible renting an apartment to put some fig leaf over the fact that he doesn't live in or care about the 2nd District.  For Forbes, it's all about hanging onto the perks and salary of a member of Congress.

As the Virginian Pilot reports, Forbes has a huge amount of money compared to his challengers for the GOP nomination - his chief opponent is Del. Scott Taylor - and basically hopes to buy himself the 2nd District seat which leans Republican in elections.  In contrast to Forbes, Scott Taylor is forward thinking, supportive of equality for all - including the LGBT community - and wants to move the country forward rather than return it to the 1950's as Forbes continually seeks to do.  The 2nd District needs a representative that will represent all residents of the 2nd District rather than only right wing extremists  - Right Wing Watch has often reported on the batshit crazy bills and resolutions favored by Forbes.

I urge readers who live in the 2nd District to make sure they are registered and to vote in the GOP primary later this year and to vote against Forbes - and preferably for Taylor who has even been a sponsor of HR Pride.  Here are details from the Pilot on how Forbes hopes to buy the 2nd District for himself:
Even with the heavy spending, Forbes still had $875,406 cash on hand April 1 because he entered the race with a large campaign fund in place before he decided to leave the 4th. By comparison, Scott had $53,087 on hand April 1 and Cardwell, $9,519.
The winner of the GOP primary will compete in November against Democrat Shaun Brown of Hampton who entered the race near the end of the FEC reporting period. No financial information was available Friday.
If the 2nd District is to be represented by a Republican, it should be Taylor or someone who grasps that it is now the 21st century, not 1950, and who will not focus their efforts on blocking progress and granting special rights and privileges to right wing Christians at the expense of other citizens.

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