Monday, February 22, 2016

Totally Out of Touch HRC Says Obama Should Nominate an LGBT to SCOTUS

The seemingly clueless Chad Griffin
Recently I wrote about Michelangelo Signorile's frustration over the cluelessness of self-anointed leaders in the LGBT rights movement who have no plan as to how to counter the anti-gay legislation sweeping many states in the wake of the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling in Obergefell.  Now, in an op-ed in The Advocate, HRC president Chad Griffin proves he is truly delusional in my opinion by urging Barack Obama to nominate an out LGBT nominee to fill the vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme formerly occupied by Antonin Scalia.  One would think that anyone not living in a complete fantasy world would realize that an out LGBT nominee has probably ZERO chance of approval by the U.S. Senate.  Rather, Obama needs to nominate a gay-friendly judge from a lower federal court who has previously passed Senate approval by a wide approval margin in order to make it far more difficult for Republicans to make good on their planned obstructionist efforts.  

Reading Griffin's piece which ignores any shred of political reality, in my view, he apparently puts "boldness" ahead of President Obama securing the approval of an LGBT ally on the Court.  Instead, Griffin would rather run the risk that such an Obama nominee would be blocked by the GOP controlled Senate leaving the door open so that, if a Republican wins the White House in November, LGBT Americans are utterly screwed when 1 to 3 conservative justices end up on the Court over the next few years.  Of course, Griffin  is among the LGBT elite who lives in gay friendly Washington, D.C. and doesn't need to worry about the anti-gay legal framework that many of us face on a daily basis.

I'd argue that it is time for Griffin to get his head out of his ass (pardon my French) - or even better, resign from his position as HRC president so that someone living in objective reality can take the helm.  As of tomorrow, my HRC bumper sticker is coming off of my car and and the donations to HRC stop completely.  I am frankly over HRC and its failure to advocate for things that will realistically help a majority of LGBT Americans while its leadership very lives comfortably in gay-friendly Washington, D.C. (Griffin made $429,411.00 in 2013) and calls for things that are utterly unrealistic based on my nearly 25 years of political activism.

I hope President Obama ignores ever word of Griffin's, in my view, lunatic op-ed piece.

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Carlton Hardy said...

Because of HRC positions such as this, and the organization's budget allocations, I dropped my membership over two years ago.