Sunday, January 03, 2016

Ft. Lauderdale - Day Four and Five

Our trip to Ft. Lauderdale continues to be most enjoyable.  We have met some great guys at the Coral Reef Guesthouse and what has been interesting is that of the older guests, many were married to women in the past and, like me, have children and grandchildren.  In every instance, the biggest issue for all of us was admitting to ourselves that we were gay.  Getting to the point of looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, I'm gay, and that's OK" is the big first step.   

New Year's Day, we pretty much stayed around the guesthouse after staying up until well after 2:00AM.  Yesterday, we spent much of the day at Sebastian Beach before going to have drinks with friends at their home in Wilton Manor and then heading to the Lauderdale Yacht Club for another great dinner.  I could easily move here but for not wanting to be so distant from my children and grandchildren - after July, we will have 5 of them.  Time will tell, I guess.

Today we are meeting my nephew from Miami and his girlfriend for lunch and then will see what we are in the mood to do.  Weather wise, it has been perfect: Lower 80's every day and sunny!

The husband being distracted by the "scenery"

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