Saturday, December 05, 2015

Christian Extremists Blame Gays and Abortion for California Mass Shooting

As seems to be thew norm nowadays when something terrible occurs, the "godly folk" and the parasitic professional Christian crowd - who need to whip the sheeple into a frenzy to keep the money coming in - blame gays and abortion as the real causation.  A case in point is Christian extremist Alex McFarland who says God allowed the San Bernadino shooting to occur because of abortion and the "mainstreaming of sodomy."  Under McFarland's fairy tale beliefs, e.g., that there is a mythical god such as he describes, one act of possibly religious based terror is the result of America's failure to subscribe to yet another form of extremist religious belief that would murder or at least denigrate millions of people.  McFarland concludes his hate fest by saying Barack Obama is a secret Muslim.  In my view, the real solution is to remove ALL religion form society and the world.  Right Wing Watch looks at the batshitery. Here are highlights:

Right-wing Christian apologist Alex McFarland was on Dove TV's "Focus Today" program yesterday to discuss the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, California, earlier this week, which he blamed on abortion and gay marriage.

"People are saying, 'Why didn't God prevent this?'" McFarland stated, "Look, we've for 45 years told God to leave us alone. Fifty-seven to sixty million babies aborted, now our Supreme Court has deviated from natural law to case law and we've redefined marriage ... God forgive us for the murder of the unborn, God forgive us for kicking prayer out of public schools, God forgive us for making sodomy mainstream and redefining marriage."

"The greatest sin of all is abortion in our nation," he continued, "and the judgment of God only escalate until we turn to the Lord."

Later, McFarland declared that President Obama supposedly refuses to fight radical Islam because he is secretly a Muslim.

"In my heart, I'm going to be honest with you, I suspect he is a Muslim," McFarland said. "I really do."

No doubt "turning to the Lord" includes giving money to charlatans like McFarland.  The real evil in the world is religion which has hate and division as it principal fruits.

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