Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paris 2015 - Day 1

We finally landed in Paris around 11:30, nearly 3 hours after our scheduled arrival.  Once again based on our experiences, US Airways/American Airlines proved that it is a carrier to be avoided when possible.  We left Norfolk so late that we had to literally run between concourses to make check in on our flight to Paris which turned out to be yet another demonstration of incompetence on its own.  First, out on the taxiway, the plane's brakes began acting up - one would think everything would have been checked before we pushed off from the gate - which required a return to the terminal for repairs.  Meanwhile, some geniuses among the flight crew allowed some passengers off the plane without apparently keeping track of who they were.  As a result, the entire plane load of nearly 260 passengers had to deplane and then re-check in and re-board.  Three hours later, we finally took off.

Thankfully, our driver who was to pick us up followed the misadventures of or flight and was waiting for us at Charles De Gaulle airport and our trip to the apartment was smooth.  Views from the balcony of our apartment are above.  After unpacking we walked around in the Left Bank and had lunch and much needed cocktails.  Now, some are going to nap while yours truly is going to walk around Ile de la Cite.  Later, we are going to dinner at Le Dome du Marais which comes highly recommended by friends (see image below).  

Tomorrow we are off to Versailles.  I cannot wait.  When I was in Paris many years ago on business, I never made it out to Versailles.

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Jay M. said...

Beautiful! I'd like to get there some day!

Peace <3