Saturday, December 08, 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron Backs Gay Weddings in Church

While many Republicans like to call themselves conservatives, increasingly they are better described as reactionary Neanderthals who are fighting a battle against both modernity and losing the white male privilege that has long been so important to their psychological sense of self-worth.  It's both sick and sad, but many of the angry white men in the GOP and particularly in Christofascist circles only feel self-satisfaction when looking down on others they deemed to be inferior and/or sinners.  Thus, if one wants to see true conservatives nowadays one needs to look across the Atlantic to the united Kingdom where conservatism doesn't immediately equate with backwardness and bigotry.  The London Evening Standard looks at the pro-gay marriage agenda of Tory leader David Cameron who is not only pushing for full same sex marriage but also church marriage for denominations that wish to perform such weddings.  Here are some article highlights:

David Cameron will risk a major battle with his party next week by backing gay weddings in churches, the Evening Standard can reveal.

He will go further than ever in his modernising drive by saying religious groups should be allowed to host same-sex civil weddings in churches, synagogues and other religious buildings if they choose.  Organisations that reject gay marriage, such as the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, will have legal protection from being forced to host ceremonies against their wishes, the Prime Minister will pledge.

Tory MPs will have a free vote on a Bill next year, while Labour MPs will be whipped in favour.   It means all three party leaders now support a historic equality reform that would once have seemed incredible — that homosexual partners can have the same civil marriage rights as heterosexual couples and even get married in a religious setting. But some Conservatives said there would be “outrage” and warned that the Tories would haemorrhage members.

Mr Cameron’s view is that there is no reason to bar other churches from voluntarily hosting same-sex weddings, providing the “locks” ensure no church will be forced to take part.

Quakers and some Liberal Jews have loudly called for the right to marry gay worshippers, saying it is unfair to exclude some members of the congregation from the joys of marriage.

The consultation is thought to have revealed a blanket ban on church weddings would be open to legal challenge. This means churches such as the C of E are better protected if religious organisations that want to conduct same-sex marriage are permitted to do so.

Mr Cameron is prepared for a row with his MPs, say sources, because he believes the public are relaxed about the idea. Several polls have shown clear backing for gay weddings among voters, with only older people and regular church-goers strongly opposed.

In America, the views - and bigotry - of far right religious extremists continue to trump the beliefs and rights of other citizens and, in so doing make a mockery of the Constitutions guarantee of religious freedom for all citizens, not just Christofascists.

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