Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bible Belt Again Tops Nation in Internet Porn Use

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PornHub has once again released results of its analysis of porn searches and time spent on porn sites nationwide.  And once again, the states in the good old Bible Belt top the charts in the number of searches and the length of time spent on pornographic sites.  The hypocrisy of the "godly folk" thus exposed is, of course, delicious.  These states are hysterically anti-gay and anti-women's rights, but their citizens seemingly can't get enough porn to satisfy their deep seated kinkiness and "impure thoughts" to use a Catholic Church term for a sin inculcated into Catholic youth.  Mississippi, perhaps the most backward f states in terms of sexual liberation wins the contest hands down in terms of porn site use.  Close behind are Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Arkansas.  Here are highlights from Gizmodo

It's everyone's favorite time of year—the birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and PornHub has just released a big, ol' sticky mess of data about the country's porn habits. And the conclusion? The MILF is alive and well, Nevada is weirdly into adult film star Anita Queen, and anyone invested in the porn industry needn't worry—America says "yes" to porn.

Among the many interesting little tidbits, the fresh load of data makes us privy to each individual states' top three search terms as well as the—er, duration of an individual's visit to that particular corner of the internet. So, boys and girls, what did we learn?

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One comment that struck me is this:  Good old southern states... you always have a fetish for that thing you claim you hate so much.

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